This is not Cheese Fondue (Ams)

This is not Cheese Fondue (Ams)

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280 gram of 'This is not Cheese Fondue'.
Who said a plant-based diet couldn't be filling, warming and comforting? Our plant-based fondu is perfect for those long cold winter nights. With a double fermentation, it packs quite the flavour.

Main base ingredient | Cashews

Nuts are almost identical in their genetic make up to milk in terms of the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates. When blended together, they produce a similar texture and consistency to dairy milk. From this base, age old dairy cheese processes such as fermentation, culturing and souring can be applied.

Allergens - Nuts, Soy

Voedingswaarde per 100g

Energie 1146kJ (274 kcal)

Vet 24g

Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 12g

monounsaturated 9.1g

polyunsaturated 2.7g

Koolhydraten 8.8g

Waarvan suikers 1.4g

vezels 2.7g

Eiwitten 7.6g

Zout 1.7g