1 Litre Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4484230348894)

1 Litre Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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1l can of organic extra virgin olive oil with easy pouring spout.

'Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural, organic, unfiltered, and cold-pressed. Furthermore, it is not mixed with other oils and free from other additives.
But there is more! We do everything in our power to guarantee an honest family product. Gkazas Olive Oil is produced by ourselves in the mountains of Crete. Harvesting and pressing happen in the most authentic way possible: with our own hands. In this way, we can guarantee extra virgin olive oil from the best quality.
Whilst we are busy plucking the olives from the trees in Crete, the 1 liter cans are being produced. After a couple of months of self-filtering, we fill the cans with much love and prepare them for transport to the Netherlands: a fully Cretan family product.'

- Made by Gkazas