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My Farmed Today Food Box

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After intensive feedback and improving for over 6 months, we have created the ultimate fruit & vegetable box:

We present to you: My Farmed Today Food Box (Click the link for more info)
With this box, we want to provide convenient access to the most delicious fruits and vegetables from your local surroundings. 

The box entails at least 6-10 different varieties of fruits/ vegetables, depending on seasonality and box variety / size.

What do the different boxes entail?
Please check our special Food-Box page to see the content of this month's box!

We have created different boxes for the different needs of our customers. Please find in the options above the choice between either fruits, vegetables or mixed boxes. In addition to that, you can choose between different sizes, ranging from small size (4kg) to regular (6kg). The Small and Regular size are suited to supply one person with meals throughout one entire week. If you are very busy and don't have time to cook every day, we recommend the small box. 

For Offices and Restaurants, we have created special boxes: 
The office boxes are specially designed for offices with a focus on small, hand-size fruits that are easy to eat and do not create a lot of mess - perfect for a healthy and clean office. 
For restaurants, we have created a box that is focused on providing a great addition to any restaurant. This box entails only a low variety of fruits and/ or vegetables (maximum 4 varieties) in order to ensure that there is a larger amount of every variety to supply enough dishes for the restaurant.


Frequently asked questions:

1. How is the Box delivered?
We aim for a sustainable delivery method for our food boxes. In the Amsterdam area, we deliver only with 100% electric vehicles. 
For deliveries throughout the Netherlands, we focus on delivering as much as possible with electric vans; depending on the available vehicles and delivery location this is not always 100% possible yet. 

 2. When is the box delivered?
Deliveries are available in whole Netherlands for 3,90€. 
We fulfil all orders on Monday. 24 Hours before your order arrives (Usually Monday or Tuesday) you will receive a Track & Trace Code to follow your order. You can follow your order directly at our Track & Trace Portal at: 
The deliveries shipped nationwide arrive Tuesdays & Wednesdays, depending on your location (Follow your order via Track & Trace for more detailed delivery info). 
For Amsterdam, inside the ring, we have a special low-rate Tuesday evening delivery option for 3,90€. 
For Orders that are being picked-up at the Vrije Universiteit (VU; only available for VU students & Staff), there is a special free delivery option. 
Deadline for all Deliveries: Order before Friday afternoon 16:00 in order to receive your delivery the following Week.

3. What about the packaging of the box?
We do not use any plastic for our packaging. Currently, we still package the fruits & vegetables in non-reusable carton boxes. This allows us to guarantee Food Safety. We are working on implementing a solution that allows us to deliver the items in a reusable box, which can be exchanged during every delivery.  

4. Are the products in the box 100% organic?
No - 'organic' is just a label which farmers often have to pay a lot of money for and which sometimes actually creates more problems in the food system than it solves. All of the products in this box however are grown under the most sustainable conditions, which are comparable to 'organic' and in some cases even exceed the quality of common 'organic' products. 

5. Where are the products in the box sourced from?
We source our products from local, small-scale Dutch and Western-European farms, such as A.G.F. Direct and the Lindenhoff Farm. The products are all grown under transparent and natural conditions with the most sustainable practices in mind and are sourced as local as possible.