Fruits & Vegetables currently paused

With Farmed Today, we set the mission to create a more fair and sustainable food system. We do not only want to enable consumers to eat local, but we also want to create global sustainability. Hence our motto: ‘- Eat local, sustain global -’

With the new year 2021, we want to direct our focus to new challenges. While it is important to support our local food producers, there are still many products in our food system, which are not sustainable yet and where a lot of Co2 emissions, underpayment of workers, low-quality and non-transparent supply chains are present. We are talking about the things we use everyday, but think about the least: coffee, tea, spices, dried-herbs and superfoods. 

With the new year, we are planning to fully focus on these products and provide you with a new level of product quality and traceability. We are currently investing our time and efforts into research and product development and will be launching a variety of amazing, new and innovative products this coming year.
This means we have stopped selling our fresh fruit and vegetable boxes as of December 31st 2020. 

We would like to express how much we value our customers’ loyalty towards our mission and brand. We are very grateful for that and want to thank everyone for supporting us.

We look forward to another great year together with you. 

Kind regards,


Demba Lehrer

Founder at Farmed Today