About Us and our Team


Our mission is to create a fair and sustainable food system.
At Farmed Today, we identified the key problem of the current food system as following flaws:
 • Small-scale food producers' margins are too small to be able to operate effectively
• We, as consumers, have only limited access and variety of sustainable and local food
• The amount of wasted foods is too high, resulting in unnecessary pressure on the society and the environment


Therefore, with Farmed Today, we are creating a community that wants to make a positive impact on their environment and believes that health is based on good food and nutrition. 

Founded in 2017, Farmed Today values transparency and fairness towards producers and consumers. We strive for global biodiversity and sustainably farmed produce.

The team currently operates from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Demba Lehrer - Managing Director

Demba founded Farmed Today in 2017. With a vision to change the food system, he started a journey to create a more sustainable supply chain, fairer margins for producers and more local, transparent and sustainable products for us consumers. 

Jin Han - Director

Jin Han is acting as a Director at Farmed Today, responsible for the strategic direction and long-term value creation. 
He has been building and scaling organizations; doing consultative sales, team mentoring, successful project / program management and partnership management.

Joep van Gelder - Advisor

Joep has been co-founding two companies, acted as a university lecturer in technology entrepreneurship and worked as a startup and scale-up consultant. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to fintech, start-up funding and strategic business planning. At Farmed Today, he adds his extensive experience as advisor to the board.

Anne Rademaker - Advisor

Anne is part of our Board of Advisors. She knows how to create long term value for our stakeholders due to her extensive educational and professional background, such as acting as Senior Advisor at EY (Ernst & Young). Her area of expertise is to be found at the intersection of innovation and process controlling, the required ingredients for our journey towards a circular economy.

Mozes Janse - Operations Coordinator

With his passion for food and healthy living, Mozes brings experience from the restaurant industry and leverages it towards operational excellence in process management.
Mozes is responsible for our food storage, order fulfilment and logistic processes.