Our Story

Demba Lehrer - Founder at Farmed Today

Since Demba was young, he was fascinated and affected by the food and drinks industry. During his studies at Hotelschool the Hague, in 2017, he came across fundamental issues within our current food system that affect food production, distribution, waste and logistics:
• Small-scale food producers’ margins are too small to be able to operate effectively
• Local, sustainable food produce are too rare and too difficult to access for consumers
• The amount of plastic packaging and wasted foods is too high, resulting in unnecessary pressure on the society and the environment

Our Mission

Fair, Healthy & Sustainable.

In 2018, Demba met with Joel Salatin, known as the world most innovative farmer. Together with him, he brainstormed about a global, sustainable food system and what would need to be done in order to achieve it. 
Therefore, with Farmed Today, Demba created a company that is working on solving these problems and setting the foundation for a sustainable future.
The companies goal is to:

- Provide fair margins to food producers.
- Provide access to sustainable foods for consumers.
- Reduce the food waste in Europe.
- Educate European consumers about sustainability within the food system.

Farmed Today

- Eat Local, Sustain Global -