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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is my Farmed Today Food Box delivered?

We aim for a sustainable delivery method for our food boxes. In the Amsterdam area, we deliver only with 100% electric vehicles. For deliveries throughout the Netherlands, we focus on delivering as much as possible with electric vans; depending on the available vehicles and delivery location this is not always 100% possible yet.

2. What about the packaging of my box?

We do not use any plastic for our packaging. We package your Farmed Today Food Box in recyclable carton boxes. This allows us to guarantee Food Safety.

3. When is my box delivered?

3.5 What if I am not home during the delivery?

If you have a nationwide delivery, but you are not home at the given time, our delivery partner will give your box to your neighbours and you will be informed about it via the Track & Trace Portal. In case none of your neighbours is home, the box will be delivered again the next day. In case you are not home the next day, the driver will try to give it again to your neighbours. In case this is also not possible, the box will be given to a Post-NL pick-up station close by your home from where you will be able to pick it up. For our special evening delivery in Amsterdam inside the ring, it is important that you are home during the promised delivery time. In case our delivery partner misses you, your package will be given to your neighbours and you will receive a note in your postal box about where you will be able to pick-up your box. In case this is not possible, our delivery partner will try to deliver the box again the next day, however might this not always be possible and will also cause additional shipping charges for you. Therefore, for the Amsterdam deliveries, please make sure to be home between 18:00 - 21:30. In case our delivery partner fails to deliver in the promised time-frame, you will of course receive a free delivery the following day (The delivery company will contact you to arrange a new delivery time).With regards to the VU Boxes that are being picked-up at the Green Office - in case you are not able to pick-up your box on Tuesday, we would kindly ask you to get in contact with the Green Office directly in order to arrange a new pick-up time.

Your Box in Social Action 

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