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Easter Game (17.4-26.4) 

Amazing daily Surprises and Discounts, exclusively during the Easter time.

How does it work?

From 13.4 - 26.4 we will be closed due to Easter Holidays.
To make sure that you have some nice surprises while we will be gone, we have set-up an Easter Game. 

The game starts from 17.4 - 26.4. See here how it works:
Every day, there will be exclusive discount codes and offers!
The discount codes and offers will be uploaded each day on this page here (Scroll down) and will only be available for 24 hours! 

To make sure our most eager 'Easter bunnies' can use all of the discounts, you can choose to buy a few things every day, then add them to your 'Easter Bag' during Check-out and have it all delivered together for free on 30th / 31st of April!

Which Products will be affected?

The easter game has officially started

Every day, there are awesome new 'Easter Eggs', like surprises and special discounts and more =)

Please scroll down to see today's Easter Egg. Today's Easter Egg will be still available for the next:


Offer of the Day (25.-26.4)

Today's EASTER EGG (25.04-26.04):

Today we have an amazing '25% OFF' offer for all our Products made by Bokall! 

Use the Code: 'Bokalltasting' at Checkout and add the products to your 'Easter Bag' =) 

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