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Welcome at Farmed Today! We are a small team operating from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Come by our office in Amsterdam Center to learn more and get to know us in person!



Demba Lehrer, Founder & Managing Director

Demba Lehrer is founder and managing director. He is overseeing all activities and operations. His experience lays in business administration, sustainable supply chains and the hospitality- industry.


Timna Rosenthaler, Community Management

Timna Rosenthaler is taking care of our rapidly expanding Farmed Today Community. She adds her experience in Nutrition and Community Management to the team and is always there for you in case you have questions, comments or requests.

EASTER EGG #1 (17.04.2019) - send us an email to info@farmedtoday.com / Message us via FB or IG with the code: 'LOYAL' to get 100 Loyalty Points transferred directly to your account =)

Jin Han, Member of the Board of Directors

Jin Han is working as director at Farmed Today. He adds over 20 Years of executive business experience to the team, having previously build an organisation from $0 to $21M in only 30 months.


Joep van Gelder, Member of the Board of Advisors

Joep van Gelder is part of our Board of Advisors. He adds his entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise to Farmed Today, which he gained from, inter alia, co-founding two companies and conducting entrepreneurial research.