Blue and Ash Vegan Cheese (4529172447326)

Blue and Ash Vegan Cheese

Max & Bien
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120g vegan blue and ash vegan cheese.

Max & Bien’s blue veined cheese won the VeggieCheese awards 2020! It is made with the same cultures as used in dairy based blue cheeses. By adding Penicillium roqueforti this cheese gets its characteristic, punchy flavour rich in umami. After the cultures have developed, we let the cheese ripen for another two months to develop even more complex flavours.

Furthermore, the rich and fatty flavours of the base ingredient cashew nuts pairs really well with the salty sharp flavour of the roqueforti culture.

Ingredients: cashew nuts, coconut milk, activated charcoal, salt, plant based starter cultures, plant based fungal culture

(Allergens in bold)

Weight: 150g