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Kromkommer Soup (available in whole NL)

Kromkommer Soup (available in whole NL)

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Food waste
According to research, 30 to 50% of all the food in the world is thrown away. How is that possible?! Let’s take a look at the facts:

Wonky fruit and vegetables
One major reason of why fruit and vegetables are wasted is because of the extreme focus on aesthetics. About 10-20% of fruits and vegetables gets wasted because of looks. This can partly be explained by past EU legislation that restricted the sale of “wonky” fruit and veggies. However, after 2009 the law became less strict. Still these wonky veggies and fruits hardly ever make it to the shelves. It seems like we got used to the “perfect quality”.

And that is where Kromkommer comes in!

The story of Kromkommer
Kromkommer (a Dutch wordplay on the words cucumber and crooked) was founded in 2012 by Jente, Lisanne & Chantal with the mission to save all the fruits and veggies that otherwise would have been thrown away because of their appearance or overproduction. Instead of ending up in the bin these wonkies should end up on someone’s plate! We believe in a world without waste and strive for equal rights for all vegetables and fruits. To be able to make this mission work we have to change the whole system and work towards a new definition of quality

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For more information like ingredients / nutritional values of the soups, please visit: https://www.kromkommer.com/product-categorie/soep-in-zak/