OH NA MI - Kimchi (3756940230708)

OH NA MI - Kimchi

OH NA MI Kimchi
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1x Jar of Kimchi (320 gram)

Hand-made and exclusively available in Amsterdam.
Kimchi is the national dish of both North and South Korea. Nearly every Korean eats kimchi on a daily basis. Not only is it beneficial to the body it is also extremely versatile as an ingredient and a compliment to many dishes. It is characterised by its spicy, sweet, salty, and sour notes. In addition, an umami sensation due to the fermentation processes.
According to Alex, the founder and producer of this Kimchi:
'OH NA MI is Kimchi. It does not come from a precise recipe, but through research has become a patchwork of my experiences in horeca over the past 19 years, and the teachings of my mother who continues to bestow generations of kimchi knowledge to me.'