Plant-based Parmesan (1 Pack)

Plant-based Parmesan (1 Pack)

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We love vegan products and are happy to be collaborating with Brad, the founder of Plant-based Cheese to bring you: Exactly! Plant-based cheese =)

Cheese is one of life’s great pleasures which most believe you have you give up when going vegan. Plant based cheese is out to prove that a vegan diet opens more doors than it closes. Using a variety of nut and tofu based recipes, Plant-based Cheesemaker Brad creates similar flavours and textures to conventional dairy cheese. The cheeses are packed full of nutritious, locally sourced ingredients, with a bountiful amount of health benefits.

There are three ingredients we rarely cook without - salt, pepper and this delicious vegan Parmesan. Much like a spoonful of sugar, everything just tastes much better with it sprinkled on top! 
This cheese is excellent to cook with and is reacting well to heat when applied during the final minutes of cooking.
The cashew based Parmesan is great on salads, pasta, in wraps, bowls (we could go on), smoothies (ok we’ve taken it too far but you get the gist).

The cheese comes pre grated and has cashew nuts as it’s base.
The packaging is 100% compostable.


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