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Storing your Fruits and Vegetables - 101

Who doesn’t know this situation? You were feeling good, telling yourself to start living healthier from now on, so you go out there buying enough fruits and vegetables to at least last you a week.

Buying in bulk is cheaper, right? But then it happens, after only 2-4 days some of your fruits and vegetables turned bad. But how can this happen? Turns out there is a rather simple explanation for it.  When certain fruits and vegetables are stored together, they cause early spoilage.

This is because when fruits and vegetables approach maturity, ethylene is released. Ethylene promotes the ripening of fruits and vegetables, which can lead to premature ripening in some foods, while in others it can actually cause damage. So, in order to reduce early spoilage of your produce, make sure not to store ethylene-producing fruits and vegetables with those that are sensitive to it.

Check out this chart below to see what fruits and vegetables should NOT be stored together…


If you would like us to add any fruits or vegetables to this list, please do not hesitate to contact us =)


Your Farmed Today Team!