#8 Marinated Chicken

About the dish:

This delicious, marinated chicken will surprise your guests and friends at dinner or BBQ.

 Done in 5-6 hours.





  • Sauce 
  • 250ml Soy sauce for 4 pieces of Chicken 
  • 1 whole garlic - chop 
  • 1 big onion - chop 
  • 1 thumb sized ginger - peel the skin and chop 
  • 1 big apple - wash thoroughly and chop including the skin 
  • 2 kiwis - peel the skin and chop 
  • Spring Onions




Use a blender to mix them up. I don’t have a blender just yet. So I tried chopping them into smaller pieces and used my hand give them a gentle squeeze when I add it to the chicken. 



1. Use sea salt to rub the chicken skin with. Sprinkled salt on the other side and rub them in gently. leave it for 10 min. 

2. Rinse the salt off and remove excess fat. They usually at the edge of the skin sometimes. 

3. Let it dry off water or use Kitchen towel to try.Time - Let the chicken swim in the sauce. Get your hands dirty to really get the sauce into the meat, under the skin and onto bone. 


A. In the room temperature, well-blended sauce - 2 hours 

B. In the fridge, well-blended sauce - 4 to 5 hours or over night 

C. In the room temperature, chopped vegetables and fruit sauce - 4 hours - meCooking - Use heavy or thick bottomed pot or pan. A lid is important. 


1. Heat up the pot on medium high heat with big table spoon full of olive oil or vegetable oil. 

2. Placed the chicken, skin side on the bottom. Add the sauce onto chicken. 10 min. 

3. Turn the heat down to medium low, flip the chicken carefully so the skin will stay on the meat. 

4. Use a table spoon to get the sauce from the pot onto the chicken. Lid back on. 10 min. 

5. Turn off the stove. Leave it for 5min in the pot. Serve with Kimchi for more flavour, better digestion, helping your gut to take in nutrition. But also with side dishes you are familiar with!


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This recipe has been created by The Table for Kimchi in collaboration with Farmed Today.

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